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What Your Hogwarts House Says About Your Study Habits

It’s always fun sorting yourself and your friends into a Hogwarts house. We take loads of Sorting Hat quizzes here and there—often, already knowing which house we belong to.

You might be a true and loyal Hufflepuff, or you’ve gone from quirky to organized Ravenclaw. Perhaps you were once a Gryffindor and now identify as a Slytherin. That’s cool. We don’t house-shame here.

Whatever the case, your house is a part of your identity and personality. Hogwarts students are sorted based on how they perceive magic. In other words, what qualities do you value: courage, knowledge, determination, or loyalty? And how do these factor into your study habits?

Here are some bits of study advice for you, based on your Hogwarts house.


Fun and org-work are important, but so are your acads!

Gryffindors are down for anything. They’ve probably got a college bucket list and are living in the moment. They love an excuse to shine, whether that’s through class participation, organizations, sports, or mixers. Gryffs will likely have no problem acing oral exams or recitations, too.

But because they’re so headstrong and action-oriented, Gryffindors can be notorious crammers. Especially when it comes to papers and comprehensive tests. Remember how Harry and Ron used to submit their essays only in the nick of time?

It’s alright to have loads of extracurriculars as long as your schoolwork doesn’t take a backseat.


Learn a lot, but also learn to focus.

There are two kinds of Ravenclaws. There’s the book smart Ravenclaw who’s super organized, keeps complete notes, has loads of activities, and somehow gets good grades. And then there’s the quirky one—Luna Lovegood, in a nutshell—who’s quirky, creative, and a bit of an oddball until they say something genius that surprises you.

Whichever Ravenclaw you are, you love learning. You’ll immerse yourself in a book or an article and probably get lost until something pulls you out. With this intense passion for knowledge, however, comes a lack of focus. It will be tempting to read 20 new Wikipedia articles tonight, but you have a paper due soon.

Getting organized is part of getting focused. Sometimes you need to pay attention to what you need to be learning.


Be selfless but also be self-caring.

If there’s one thing Hufflepuffs love, it’s making friends and sharing their blessings. You’ll find Hufflepuffs in the middle of study groups, eager to lend their readings and share their notes with the world. They’ve probably volunteered to be the beadle of your class just to give you an extra hand.

Hufflepuffs don’t shy away from extra effort and hard work. Grit and good work is at their core. Because they’ve got your back, however, a Hufflepuff’s gentle heart can be easily exploited. Maybe people take advantage of them in group works. Sometimes they will spend more time on school, their friends, or their activities that they forget about themselves.

Know when people are taking advantage of you, and also know when to take time for yourself.


Don’t let your grades get in the way of your education.

Slytherins get a bad rep for being mean and cunning. Why can’t they use nicer words like driven or resourceful? A Slytherin student will probably know a shortcut or study hack to make life easier. They’ve got a plan or outline so every paper or test comes out with a good grade.

This ambition shows inside and out of the classroom. Slytherins go for the gold, whether that’s an organization that bumps up their career path or just hanging out with a group of friends they can learn from. Still, striving too much for success can block learning and living.

Being too grade-conscious might keep you from actually learning. The journey is as good as the reward.

What’s your Hogwarts house? Did we get the advice right? Let us in on your magical thoughts by becoming a student contributor to our blog. For more guides, advice, and survival hacks for school, visit our College Life section on the Edukasyon.ph blog!

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