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AIM Joins Choose Aerospace Campaign To Raise Awareness in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

In response to the imminent shortage of aircraft maintenance technology graduates and technicians, the US aviation industry teamed up with industry leaders to find a solution. Choose Aerospace, an awareness campaign spearheaded by the Aviation Technician Education Council (ATEC) along with other industry stakeholders and educational leaders is seen as the solution to the imminent threat of a shortage of aircraft technicians in the near future. The Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) is spearheading the campaign as its primary educational sponsor.


There is no question that it is becoming easier for individuals to move around the globe. Due to a number of convincing factors, air travel will be in high demand in the forthcoming years. The price of oil is getting lower, the middle-class is emerging, and nations are seen to develop faster than before. Soon enough, we will see heavy competition in the airline industry through the emergence of low-cost air carriers and this creates a problem.

In the next 20 years, Boeing reported that 189,000 trained technicians will be needed just in North America and 754,000 globally within the next 20 years according to The Boeing Forecast for 2018. The current number of aircraft maintenance technology students enrolled across the USA is less than 20,000. It would take 38,000 new technicians a year to meet the projected demand!

“It is clear that United Airlines, Envoy Airlines, PSA Airlines, Piedmont, and the other industry partners who are supporting Choose Aerospace hope to increase the flow of certified professionals to service their aircraft. But this effort addresses not just the problem of a technician shortage; it addresses the problem of the average family not thinking about aerospace as an accessible and lucrative career path. Young people and their families need to understand that programs like ours are efficient educational pathways to lifelong employment. I feel that it was AIM’s duty to get involved with Choose Aerospace in order to increase the population of certified aviation professionals,” said AIM’s Vice President of Operations, Dr. Joel English.

Choose Aerospace

Choose Aerospace is a solutions-oriented effort to identify and implement strategies to address the aircraft maintenance technology workforce shortage. The campaign will start by gathering data to determine what marketing initiatives will have the most impact.

“The coalition is a great opportunity for industry leaders to come together on an issue that will detrimentally impact us all if not addressed. The community must find a way to attract a diverse, qualified technical workforce if we are going to attain the anticipated industry growth projections,” said AIM’s Director of Education, Mark Holloway.

To raise awareness in the future, the campaign will focus on brand development and content marketing. These awareness campaigns will focus on the myriad of career opportunities in aircraft maintenance technology, today and in the future. To learn more about Choose Aerospace Campaign, you can visit their website at www.chooseaerospace.org.

Aviation Institute of Maintenance

AIM is a network of maintenance schools with campuses coast-to-coast across the United States. Its headquarters is located in Virginia Beach, VA. Their graduates are eligible to take the FAA exams to obtain their mechanic’s certificate with ratings both in Airframe and Powerplant.

AIM took on the large task of spearheading Choose Aerospace as its primary educational sponsor. Which places the campaign in a perfect position to start their kick-off. 

To launch choose Aerospace, kick-off activities will focus on market research to determine what initiatives can impact the market. Which puts AIM’s strengths at a useful position. Most of their students take up Aircraft Maintenance Technology and are located all around the USA.

AIM committed the highest level of support over the next three years. They have done this by doubling their capacity by expanding their campuses all over the United States.  Currently, AIM has campuses in Atlanta, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., Kansan City, Mo., Fremont, California, Orlando and Norfolk, Va.

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